Seven Week Chakra Series Courses

Starting Tuesday Night April 13th 7:00pm PST.

Deep Dive into Chakras! These are major energy centers in your body. Learn how they impact you, how to work with them, and get feeling more like yourself again.

– What Charkas are
– What emotions they store
– Common challenges
– How to rebalance and energize them
– Tools, tips and techniques to help.
– One chakra per week for deep understanding.

This is a 7-week series course You can pay upfront for all seven courses for $227, or pay each week for the session you’d like to attend for $37 for each two hour session.   If you purchase the 7-week course, and are unavailable to attend we will email the zoom recording to you so that you can get the information.

$227 – Complete 7 Week Course $37 – Purchase Single Week Course

Deepen Divine Connections

Monday, April 26th at 7:00pm PST.

$37 – Purchase Course