Human Design Retreat

Tell me more about Human Design

The Human Design system is an incredible tool for self-discovery and is the essential Science of Differentiation. Meaning, you are an unrepeatable miracle! No one on this planet shows up in exactly the same way you do.

The Human Design system is a synthesis of both ancient esoteric systems and modern sciences such as: Astrology, Chakra System, I’Ching, Kabbalah system, quantum physics, and bio-chemistry.

What makes Human Design unique is that its extremely practical! It provides you with specific tools that you can apply to live out your unique potential. It is a road-map for living authentically to YOU.

I want to teach you how your energy functions and how to get the most out of your unique gifts! Let’s decondition you from what you thought you were supposed to be – as you compared yourself to others – and teach you how to experiment with the road-map from the stars.

If you’re anything like me, you will discover the deep breath of energetic release that comes from learning and living in alignment with the imprint you were given at birth. If you love personality tests, you’ll want to learn this! Join me for an incredible weekend of learning and fun! I aim to spoil you!

Q & A

When is the retreat?

Check-in between 2pm – 4pm on Friday, January 12th.  Check-out is Sunday, January 14th between 1-2pm.

Where will the retreat be?

The retreat will be held in a beautiful mountain cabin in Heber Utah.

How much does the retreat cost? 

$667 per person for shared queen bed.  $615 for single bed in bunk room.

How can a purchase a ticket?

Click here for Shared Queen Bed. Click here for single bed in bunk room.

What is included in my ticket price?

2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, lodging, Human Design education, yoga, meditation, gifts and bonuses from Brighter with Brooke, plus memories and connections that last a lifetime!

What if I have specific dietary restrictions?

Please notify us via email at to let us know your dietary needs.

What is the schedule?

You will be provided with a full schedule of events before you arrive. Please check in between 2pm-4pm on Friday. Check-out between 1-2 on Sunday.

What types of activities are included?

Human Design education – I want you to leave fully empowered with knowledge of your design AND I want to empower you with the ability to LIVE your design.   What it looks like, feels like, breathes like to be you.  In a deeply authentic way.   We will also offer Yoga and Meditation because they’re just so good!

Who can attend?

Women ages 14 and above.

What type of lodging is provided?

We are staying in a beautiful mountain cabin in Heber Utah.   Sleeping accommodations of a shared queen bed or a single bed in the bunk room can be chosen at checkout.

What are the transportation options?

You will be responsible to provide your own transportation to the retreat. However, we often have guests that want to carpool and we are happy to coordinate any groups that want to carpool together.

Are children allowed to attend?

No children are allowed to attend the retreat.

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Meet Your Retreat Host

Hello to all my people old and new! My name is Brooke Prothero and I will be hosting the Authentically Me Human Design Retreat.

A little Human Design jargon – I am a 5/1 Reflector who is deeply passionate about learning and discovery. Its ok if you don’t know what that means. Book your weekend of learning and a whole new world will open up to you.

Before I knew I was a Reflector I recognized that I deeply empathized with people and experienced their energy in an unfiltered way. I have been trained in many healing therapies and have excelled intuitively in guiding people to heal their bodies, minds, and souls.

When I learned about Human Design it was as if all the keys opened all the locks in the path of discovery I had been on for many years. Everything opened! I took a deep breath with the exhilarating feeling of “Oh! This is why I am the way that I am! It all makes sense!” Now, I am living more authentically than ever! It is such a gift!

And I want to share it with you.

I believe in healing. I believe in empowerment. I believe in authenticity. I believe in transformation and self-discovery. I believe in light! I believe that not one person is exactly like another. I want to share this amazing system with you to empower your life with light, brilliance, and authenticity. I want to teach you tools of how to live your design so you can take a deep breath too.

Join me for an incredible weekend of learning, meditation, yoga, delicious meals, and connections that will last a life-time. I’m hosting it in January on purpose. Don’t you want to start your new year in an empowered way?

I do.

Join me in January and let’s begin to chart your life with Authenticity. It feels so good. 2024 will be the best one yet! See you there!

Love, Brooke