About Me

Hi there!  Here is a little about me!

I’m Brooke Prothero, a wife and mother of four, a spirituality mentor and teacher, an intuitive craniosacral therapist, licensed massage therapist, and guided meditator.  I am passionate about opening space for my clients to get in touch with stressors in body, mind, and spirit, and to guide them in alleviating those burdens.   I believe that it is possible to heal, and step into the unlimited growth potential of the human spirit.  I believe if we do this consistently, with a willingness to face the shadows of our own life, that we can illuminate the pathways in our journey and find deep-seeded joy and well-being.   We will feel a level of brightness and hope that can change the entire trajectory of our life’s journey.


I began my career over 21 years ago as a licensed massage therapist.  I discovered I had a gift for reading the body, finding stress-points, and using intuitive massage strategies to alleviate muscle tension.  Over time, I became aware of muscular tension in the body that felt different than muscle strains and injuries.  It felt like emotional stress.  The body holds onto emotional stressors and I could feel the physical difference.  I knew that there was something intricately connected here.  As a massage therapist, I was targeting stress from a physical side, but I was curious to know how to alleviate stress from the emotional side.

At the time I was working with a client who would soon become my mentor.   Andrea was an Intuitive Craniosacral Therapist and I began seeing her as a client.  My awareness increased exponentially in our time together.  Through our many sessions, she helped me uncover, become aware of, and unpack many emotional stress points in my life.  I found an incredible space for healing my weary spirit, and my body felt better in the process.

She taught me how to recognize my spiritual gifts and to understand that the ability I was using to intuitively assess the bodies of my clients could also be applied to intuitively assessing their spirits through sensing the movement of the Chakras.  Since this was a method she applied on me as a client, I had personal experience with how powerful and life-changing this method could be.

Since I had learned craniosacral therapy in Massage School, I was ready to uplevel!   I learned how to add intuitive elements to craniosacral therapy through the chakra system.  I studied eastern medicine philosophies which have spiritual practices integrated in them.   I quickly learned that just as I had a gift to read the physical body to find stress points, I also had a gift to read the spiritual body to find stress points.

This was an awakening of my gift on a powerful level and I understood that this is what I was meant to do!

From this, I spurred into a freedom and brightness within myself.  I sought to discover more modalities and tools that could aid in the transformation of the human spirit.  What we are given in this life is meant to teach us what we need to know to grow.  Sometimes, we need guidance to help us make sense of the mess in our lives.  I know that in the mess, we will find the message needed for growth.   This is where my work comes into play.  I am passionate about creating space for people to sort through the reasons they feel the way they do.  To identify emotions and beliefs that do not serve them in reaching their highest potential.  To help them sort through the negative stories of this life, to connect with their true self, their divine nature, and we work together to empower it.

Now, I have the opportunity to pay it forward; to share the beauty and transformation that these modalities have taught me.  As a facilitator,  I am excited to share the things I know and see with the people who are ready for them.  Your body, and your spirit are ready for what they are ready for; this work ends up being deeply spiritual.  I am a tool and facilitator in the hands of the universal master to open the door to your own personal healing journey.    This work speaks to my clients, and they know who they are, and they know when they are ready.  I trust that process.

Are you ready to begin your healing journey?