Welcome my name is

Brooke Prothero

I am a spirituality coach, an intuitive craniosacral therapist, licensed massage therapist, and guided meditator. I am passionate about helping people restore connection to their happiest, brightest, most true self so they can live their best life every day!

I can help you find your light from among the shadows!

Are you ready?

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Nothing can dim the light that

shines from within.

– Maya Angelou

Katie S.

“Brooke is one of the most in-tune and gifted cranial sacral therapists I’ve been to. She literally will blow you away with her insights into your life. I always leave feeling so much more peaceful, clear headed, and in touch with Diety and my higher self. If your energy is feeling sluggish and your mind is foggy, a cranial with Brooke will balance your chakras and get you back on track in life. It’s a great place to help with physical health problems, anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, fear, confusion about your life purpose…. you name it! Thanks so much Brooke for sharing your unique gifts with the world!”

– Katie S.
Britt H.

“My session with Brooke on spiritual gifts was absolutely phenomenal. She made me feel at ease during our session and was so present in our connection that I couldn’t help but feel inspired the entire time. She has a gift for sharing and translating what my spiritual gifts are and assisted me in connecting points, moments, and interactions that only proved that it was correct, I truly felt it deeply. It was an experience I will never forget! I’m really looking forward to our other sessions!”

– Britt H.
Suzy R.

“Brooke’s cranial sacral therapy has provided me with some of the most healing and spiritual moments in life that have given me the strength to keep going in really hard situations. I always seem to leave feeling rejuvenated, loved, and inspired to be a better version of myself. It has also allowed me to understand others and how I need to accept and allow others to learn in their own ways and at their own pace instead of trying to control it all and take it all on myself. Words can’t describe the transformation that takes place during your time with her. I promise it will change your life for the better! Every referral I have sent to Brooke have come away with an amazing experience and gratitude for having been able to meet her and feel of her gift to help people heal and feel better energetically!”

– Suzy R.
Brandy L.

“I can’t say enough about how grateful I am I found Brooke! My sister referred my entire family. Both my parents got craniosacral and raved about it. I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had some childhood trauma I had been trying to heal from for years. One session with Brooke healed parts that I never knew needed healing. I would recommend Brooke to anyone and am happy to see her monthly!”

– Brandy L.
Brandy L.

“I was experiencing equilibrium imbalance that was disrupting my life. I saw a chiropractor and ENT. Later I was expressing my concerns to Brooke and she incorporated Intuitive Craniosacral techniques into my massage. The next day I woke up with my balance restored. I began to be very curious and asked so many questions that Brooke was happy to answer and took time to explain things to me. As other emotional challenges have arisen in my life I have gravitated towards sessions with Brooke to let go of negative feelings. I am so grateful for her intuitive abilities that have created space for me to process grief and let go of the things no longer serving me. I have seen an emotional and mental shift in my life as I have worked with Brooke to align my chakras. I have felt more grounded and connected to God in the process. I’m so grateful for the light that she is in my life.”

– Kristin S.
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